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The Apex Team

Flawless Dedication

Our Team is detailed orientated and focused on providing you a flawless finished product.

The Team

Brent Frederick

Owner/Construction Manager

Owner and founder of Apex Contracting, Brent started Apex in November, 1990. He has poured his soul into Apex and is rewarded with clients who have been with his company since the very first day. Brent has grown Apex from its early roots as a small interior renovations contractor; to a well known full service commercial builder with a name synonymous with restaurants throughout Western Canada.

Brent plays an active roll in overseeing all projects to completion. He is extremely detail oriented, and focused on providing a flawless finished product, without exception. Brent takes particular interest in the project closeout procedures of all Apex projects. He regularly puts on his coveralls, and heads out to jobsites. Here, he lends a hand for any task going on, from carpentry to final cleaning.

Beware; if Brent hears you’ve made a mess, be prepared to get a earful.

Graham Rogers

Owner/Sr. Project Manager/Sr. Estimator

As an owner, the Senior Project Manager, and the Senior Construction Estimator at Apex, Graham is a major point in the communications path, through which most information travels. He has over 18 years experience in general contracting and project management. Graham’s knowledge of commercial construction and estimating, makes him one of the most integral links in the Apex chain. Whatever information you are looking for, whether a firm bid, a budget or just some quick numbers, chances are you’ll get what you need, by just asking Graham.

Vladimir Mietka

Owner/Site Superintendent
From Apex’s humble beginnings, Vlad has been, and continues to be, an integral part of Apex. He is one of Apex’s most experienced site guys. Vlad is a high-energy, hands-on superintendent/project manager. There are few problems in the construction world that Vlad has not seen or worked through.

With first-hand construction experience in all kinds of projects, there is hardly a task that Vlad isn’t willing or able to take on. His critical eye gives him a significant edge at getting things done quickly, while maintaining an immaculate level of quality…meaning that all clients love him and continue to work with him for over 30 years.

Shannon Frederick

Accounts Receivable/ Accounts Payable

Shannon handles almost everything regarding accounts payable and receivable, at Apex. She is also an employed registered nurse, and a mother of two. So, if you can catch her on her two seconds of spare time a week, you would have to be pretty lucky. Shannon is the life blood of Apex and keeps all the small parts working together seamlessly.

And do remember, Shannon cuts the cheques, so it would be a good idea to be ‘oh, so nice’ to her!

Ben Wilhelm

Project Manager

Ben is one of Apex’s project managers and junior partners. Ben started working with Apex in 2005 while getting his teaching degree. After many late night conversations we got Ben to permanently join the team (so we will keep him forever) Ben started on the site as a labourer and worked his way up to superintendent and now jumped into the office as a PM with a wealth of site experience.

In his spare time, Ben enjoys losing at Ping Pong (to Graham) as well as traveling the world. Ask him about his travels, and I’m sure he’ll be able to share an interesting story or two. (don’t ask him about Ping Pong…ever!)

Justin Baker

Sr. Project Manager

Justin began working at Apex in May 2009, and has become indispensable with the Apex Team. He has worked so well that he is now a part of the ownership team. As a Senior Project Manager is expertise is in getting your project done in the most efficient and timely manner possible.

In his off time you may see him (if you’re fast enough) screaming down the mountain on his snowboard. His love of the mountains makes him a natural at Apex.

John Ward

Construction Manager

John came to Apex from Ontario in 2013 and has been a great addition to the team. He specialized in the large projects and still keeps a very sharp eye for the small details on your site. He has a quick and easy laugh but commands attention with his sharp mind and 25 plus years of experience.

Eric Skiba

Superintendant/Finishing Carpenter
Our renovation master and general fix everything guy, Eric has been with the Apex team since 2010. He easy manner and very positive outlook, keeps the sites running smooth and happy. Eric also finds his happy place on the mountain with the music loud and 2 feet of fresh powder under his board.

Craig Wignall

Craig is the guy who you will pop in when you need help fixing or tweaking your store. As chief problem solver he is an HVAC expert along with his many years in construction. He is a gentle giant who always stops to listen and get the things you need done in a timely and efficient manner. Our resident hipster movie fanatic, Craig possess a monster movie collection and a phenomenal system to watch them on.