As a commercial general contractor, we are able to provide construction services using any of the following systems. It is important to note, however, that there are limitless variations of these delivery systems, and each construction project is unique.

Traditional Lump Sum Tendering Construction Services

This is when a project owner or architect, acting as the representative of an owner, approaches Apex with a complete set of construction documents. They need Apex to compile and submit a firm price, for the work shown in the documents. Once the price has been submitted and accepted, a schedule is agreed upon, and a traditional construction contract is drafted. This contract is entered into between the owner and Apex. It states the final price, completion date and contract conditions. Once the contract is signed, construction begins.

Construction Management – Agency

With the agency construction management delivery system, Apex acts as the representative of the owner. We deal with all aspects of construction, from design through to project closeout. This is generally used when an owner does not have a wealth of knowledge regarding construction, or if the owner doesn’t have the time to deal with the many aspects of a construction project. Once a construction management fee is determined, Apex will handle everything involved in the project, from design to cost control, with the exception of approval of the final architectural design.

Construction Management – At Risk

This construction service is very similar to ‘Construction Management – Agency’, in that Apex acts as the owner’s representative, regarding all construction matters. Except for one important difference – before beginning construction, Apex provides the owner with a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) for the project. This is the maximum price for which Apex guarantees to complete the project. This system is known as construction management at risk, because if the project ends up costing more than the GMP, Apex must incur the costs.


This delivery system is most often used when time is the most important factor in project completion. With this delivery system, design and construction occur at the same time, decreasing overall project time, significantly. There are many ways this delivery system can be implemented; for instance, both construction management systems can use this system.

Custom Service

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